Diverse Construction Expertise

Cannatelli has deep expertise in providing contracting services for a variety of construction projects, including:

Original Construction

New construction to deliver on client vision, specializing in large projects for commercial, residential, and industrial structures and properties.

Renovations and Remodels

Residential and Estate homes and developments- Commercial and Industrial – Aesthetic and architectural updates and modifications to revamp existing structures, as well as maintenance work to optimize existing properties.

Historic Preservation

Restoration and preservation of historic structures and properties, understanding the guidelines that govern a historic property.

Long-Term Outlook

Provide system evaluation and consultation for long-term use of facilities and buildings.

Seamless Infrastructure

General contracting services include expertise in infrastructural maintenance and improvements, as a complement to construction and architectural services.

Sustainability & Certifications

Green Building ( Florida Green Building Coalition) – (PMI) Project Mgmt. Institute – Osha 30/40 hour Safety and Hazard waste – EPA lead certified.