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When constructing luxury homes, you must incorporate design-build into the process. Cannatelli Builders has a highly experienced team providing design and construction services in South Florida at a competitive price.

We work with you step-by-step to provide construction and design services. Being bound under a single contract from inception to completion streamlines the construction process and allows a unified vision to be realized.

We work closely with you throughout the process to ensure we build your dream home to your specifications.

The demand for design and construction services in South Florida has dramatically increased, making this design-build one of the hottest trends in construction today.

Building your luxury real estate property has never been easier. Contact us to get started!

What is Design-Build?

Design-build is a project delivery system used by high-end luxury contractors in South Florida to deliver projects where both the construction and design services are provided by a single entity.

It replaces the old method, where design and construction were split. Separate contracts had to be awarded to different companies instead of one.

In the design-build method, designers, architects, contractors, and subcontractors work together as one integrated team to build your dream home.

Cannatelli Builders uses design-build techniques to deliver quality work within the stipulated time and budget. Our construction management company in South Florida provides all-inclusive services to our clients, allowing your project to be realized quickly, efficiently, and conveniently.

We have done plenty of construction projects for our customers. You can trust us with yours today!

Advantages of Design-Build

There are many advantages to incorporating design-build into constructing luxury real estate projects. These include:

Accurate Quotes

The estimated cost of the entire construction process can be established early, reducing the risk of going over the budget later during construction.

To ensure optimal costs when building your dream home, Cannatelli Builders integrates expert relationships and subcontractors during the inception phase to implement value engineering and cost-saving techniques.

Accountability Throughout The Process

The leading developer of luxury communities and estate home residences manages a collaborative team of professionals who focus on solving problems together instead of pointing fingers.

Our highly experienced team of architects, builders, consultants, suppliers, and subcontractors work as a cohesive unit to realize and exceed the client’s expectations.


Cannatelli Builders aims to optimize and reduce the time spent on each project from pre-construction to completion. Our high-end luxury contractors in South Florida are trained to make quality assessments that reduce the need for redesigns and rework.

Are You Looking For The Best Design And Construction Services in South Florida?

At Cannatelli Builders, we are the best. Please build your dream home with us today! We offer the best design and construction services in South Florida, guaranteed to deliver exceptional results in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

We are the leading developer of luxury communities and estate home residences, guaranteed to build you a dream home that lasts. We also offer Pre-construction and construction management.

Please contact us today, and you shall not regret it! Your luxury home needs care and attention, which only we can provide.