Cannatelli Construction Management partners directly with clients to deliver a project that meets or exceeds their objectives. Beginning at the pre-construction stage, Cannatelli will define and manage all aspects of the project, including estimation, budgeting, project planning, scheduling and execution. Benefits of key services provided by Cannatelli during pre-construction include:

Collaboration: Cannatelli will collaborate and fully integrate with a design team on decisions that impact the final product; this ensures decisions with key implications further down the development timeline can be informed earlier
Cost-Efficiency: Cost-analysis and cost-control practices employed during design stage, including value engineering and analysis

Seamless Project Management: Cannatelli Pre-Construction services account for the full range of services for a seamless client experience from design through construction and close out warranty including:

  • Construct-ability reviews
  • Land acquisition
  • Feasibility & Cost analysis
  • Negotiating project construction services
  • Permitting & reporting systems
  • Scheduling systems
  • Site condition and logistics
  • Safety and Compliance
  • Full Estimation preparation and unit costs