Everything You Need To Know About Our Pre-Construction Process

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Cannatelli Builders is South Florida’s premier luxury construction company with over 100 years of experience. As the leading developer of luxury communities and estate home residences pre-construction, we pride ourselves on providing the best services to all our clients and offer the most advanced technological competencies, with 100% approval rates.

Our premier luxury construction company honors your trust by building beautiful homes to your specifications. We treat your home with the respect, care, and integrity it deserves.

Our goal as a luxury home builder and contractor in South Florida is to boost the local economy by expanding the landscape with world-class commercial and residential real estate properties and creating investment opportunities.

We use state-of-the-art technology and value engineering to save costs and complete projects on time.

What is Pre-construction?

Pre-construction is the first stage in construction, where you meet with a real estate developer for residential and commercial in South Florida to begin preparations for building.

Cannatelli Builders are firm believers in the need for planning before execution. Our luxury home builders in South Florida will first go through a rigorous pre-construction phase to fully break down the requirements of your luxury project and identify potential risks.

We work closely with you to understand your vision, needs, and goals for the project to provide you with the expected results. Contact us today if you would wish to start a construction project. We are the best!


What Does Pre-Construction Cover?

Here are some of the areas you can expect the best custom high-end residential and commercial builders in South Florida to cover;

  • A meeting to discuss the project.
  • Planning the project design
  • Estimating costs and identifying cost-saving options
  • Managing the project’s scope
  • Identifying potential issues and formulating solutions
  • Determination of any value engineering options
  • Site selection and feasibility study.
  • Evaluation of the site’s soil condition
  • Identification of existing utilities
  • Determining the required equipment
  • Life-cycle analysis
  • Defining contingencies for both the client and contractor.

What Is The Expected Outcome Of Pre-Construction?

Pre-construction allows our luxury home builders in South Florida to determine the scope, schedule, and estimated project cost. These elements give clients an understanding of what to expect once construction begins. All of our services are carried out step-by-step to achieve perfection in the end product.

The Benefits Of Pre-Construction

Undertaking a pre-construction phase with our premier luxury construction company allows us to determine the feasibility of your project. It reduces the chances of encountering problems along the way as they are identified early.

We use pre-construction to provide cost-saving options to the client, saving you money on your investment.

Pre-construction also allows our south Florida custom high-end residential and commercial builders to estimate a completion date for your project.


Build With Us

Cannatelli Builders caters to the following areas:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Design-Build
  • Renovations
  • Remodels
  • New Construction
  • Construction Management
  • Pre-Construction
  • General Construction
  • Sustainable Construction
  • Virtual Design Construction
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