Design – Build

Cannatelli Construction Management’s Design-Build expertise presents clients with a turn-key construction solution targeting superior results. Lynx has cultivated a team of multi-disciplinary experts with the objective of offering a single-resource to manage each construction project from concept to completion, through a single team and contract.

Advantages of Cannatelli Construction Management’s turnkey approach include:

Cost-Efficiency: Construction costs are driven by subcontractors and suppliers. As a solution to ensure optimal costs for client projects, Cannatelli Construction Management leverages extensive subcontractor and expert relationships to integrate at the inception of each design-building project to ensure cost-savings and value engineering opportunities inform key decisions prior to implementation.

Single Source of Accountability: A collaborative team of consultants, architects, builders, subcontractors, suppliers, and client/owner – managed through a single project manager –
allows Lynx Construction Management to ensure optimal communication as client goals are consistently exceeded.

Time-Efficiency: Cannatelli Construction Management’s fully integrated team is charged with optimizing – and reducing – the time to convert each project from inception to completion.
This is accomplished by focusing on quality assessments that reduce the need for rework and redesigns, by overlapping design and construction phases, and by streamlining buy-out and bidding times.