Construction Management

Cannatelli Construction Management’s philosophy is to master the Art of Detail for clients’ business by creating a culture of excellence – one that relentlessly focuses on the details throughout every aspect of our client projects. In execution, this means that Cannatelli establishes a true partnership with each of our clients, providing open communication and transparency through each milestone and decision point within the construction process.

Advantages associated with Cannatelli Construction Management services include:

Qualified Management: Cannatelli goes through great lengths in hiring, training and providing ongoing education with all of their construction and project managers. Each project is assigned a minimum of one construction manager who supervisors and manages the daily operation and development of the project, one project manager who manages all document control and client communication and lastly the Director of Construction who oversees the entire process and field coordination.

Cost-Efficiency: Through capital program planning, purchasing power, leveraged options for guaranteed maximum contracts and contract negotiations on our clients’ behalf, we leverage the scale and depth of our construction relationships to ensure optimal client costs and return on investment.

  • Time-Efficiency: By offering fast-tracked and phased construction project opportunities, our experience allows us to optimize and streamline the time from inception to construction completion – while prioritizing quality assurance.
  • Transparency through Experience: By offering seamless access to construction operations and associated documentation, creation of construction and contract documents, materials verification and accepting accountability for establishing and managing “lead time”, we ensure that key milestones and high-impact decisions are a fully transparent, collaborative process between Cannatelli Construction Management and our client teams.