Cannatelli Fund

Cannatelli Capital Fund , a private equity fund was founded for the purpose to facilitate equity requirements and third party investment for Cannatelli projects In addition to provide creative and flexible real estate financing solutions to the market place. Capitalizing on a combined 30 years of principal experience, the firm grew into distinct platforms with profound expertise and joint venture partnerships. Today, the firm has evolved into three major lines of business concentrating specifically on: residential and commercial investment – property development and capital solutions. Cannatelli fund also enjoys successful relationships with many accredited investors, investment banking capital groups, family offices and local bank facilities for debt financing. Cannatelli also syndicates private capital through accredited sources on a deal for deal basis.

Joint Ventures:

Cannatelli has performed many successful joint ventures with both institutional asset owners as well as individual land owners who desire to joint venture with an experienced and capable developer like Cannatelli. In such events Cannatelli can bring forward all the necessary assets to make a deal happen including the full development and construction team and their capital fund or investors when warranted.

Private Equity & Investment Banking Services

Private Equity

Through our fund and third party funds and affiliates we provide accredited and institutional investors with access to leading private equity managers and co-investment opportunities in the private equity market. Following our investment strategy, we seek to generate returns for investors that exceed private equity industry benchmarks. We have strong expertise across a broad range of funding alternatives, including loans, revolving credit facilities, equity private placement offerings, and private offerings in the global credit markets and the public-private sectors. We maintain relationships with a diverse range of lenders and investors, including banks, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, special situation funds, private equity groups, and family offices.

Institutional Real Estate

We provide institutional investors with access to compelling direct investment opportunities in the real estate market. Following our investment strategy, we seek to generate attractive returns on a risk-adjusted basis by targeting opportunities in all phases of the real estate life cycle. Our objective is to provide investors with meaningful value appreciation through the proven application of our investment strategies.

Investment Advisory

We provide wealth management and fiduciary services to individuals, families, corporations and non-profit organizations. We evaluate the full scope of your investment needs and implement only those strategies that best suit your situation. Our services include: Customized Strategies, Portfolio Construction, Investment Analysis, and Comprehensive Solutions. Our holistic process helps us to create an investment strategy that responds to your specific needs. This consultative process guides us from the initial implementation of your portfolio to the day-to-day management and ongoing monitoring of the investments.

Investment Strategies

We provide robust asset allocation strategies and manager selection to insurance companies, defined contribution providers, broker/dealers and mutual fund companies. Our team has the ability to add value to our clients’ investment platforms, based on our following core capabilities: Risk-Based Asset Allocation Models, Fiduciary Partnership Services, Custom Target-Date Portfolios, Retirement Income Solutions, Manager Searches and Due Diligence, Alternative Allocation Strategies and Stable Value Product Due Diligence. Our strategies are supported by analysis of the investment landscape, innovative methodologies and experience in managing portfolios in changing market cycles.